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Photography, isn't just a passion, it is now nearly an obsession to help others balance "life" yet still capture moments of life that are here, today... so they have those images to share when today is suddenly "yesteryear". 


My goal, is to simply capture, and give the gift of special moments of your life, of images that you will have for all those generations that will follow in your shoes.

Senior Sensation 2013

April 08, 2013  •  Leave a Comment


I simply can't believe that another class of Seniors is about to join society as working ( and tax-paying ) adults. I suppose a little of my shock, is due to my son being part of the Class of 2013. We were recently out in Oklahoma, and I couldn't help but grab a couple more images during his last visit out while he is still in school and under the guise of " Spring Break". I am sure he is looking forward to not being in front of my camera while I take tons of photos while using the excuse of "but, its your Senior Year!!" I will wipe away a tear, but I am keeping the grin of being a proud mom. Even though I will be busy with several other Senior Photo Sessions soon, I promise to keep my pride in check as I look back on all the images I captured this year with my own Senior.


Good Luck, Seniors!!!!

The Irish Abbey

February 28, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

I have recently been pondering the Abbey I was lucky enough to spend time visiting in Ireland a few years back. Could be inspired by the time I’ve spent recently, like countless others, glued to Masterpiece Theater waiting to see what’s next from “Downton Abbey”.

I still remember the hour I spent walking through Quin Abbey,in County Claire, on the drive to Shannon from Dublin. Her walls go back centuries as do the multiple grave markers seen in all directions.




Further investigation revealed the building remnants have seen turmoil for centuries as the sun has risen and set regardless of destruction, fire, or human based hostilities intertwined in generations of private ownership,a monastery and higher education. Oh, as I look back, knowing what I know now, I wish these walls could have talked that day.





All of the buildings were covered in beautiful green ivy seeming to add to the sense that the Abbey was communicating she is a survivor, and still standing. Still supporting life, if only that on a vine.










Some of the building remnants of the castle from years ago, exhibited walls that were several feet thick. This seems shockingly thick and a waste of material according to today’s standards. But we can barely comprehend the living conditions of the time compared to our multitudes of comforts.











Intertwined stone stairways led deceptively to open pits. This could be treacherous if you got lost in thought while meandering thru the natural light coming in  through small openings where windows or even walls once existed. Even empty window frames still have remarkable level of details showing the skilled craftsmanship of the time.








I may never know if Quin Abbey was ever as drama ridden as the Abbey portrayed on TV. But I was lucky enough to visit this one, and am still mesmerized by what is still standing, after nearly a thousand years of cyclical destruction and restoration in its history.

The Old Mill

February 17, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Most people will never get a chance to see the roots of America, in the few towns where they still exist. In today’s rushed society, and high-tech world, very few remember that this country’s foundation was built on the back of an agrarian society. The remnants of those little towns are now scattered over what most refer to as fly over states. 


From time to time you can still see the remnants of the old town centers of that lifestyle, the Mill and Grainery.  Sometimes you are lucky enough to still find the buildings in use. Truly a giant symbol that stands on the landscape, and represents a history that should not be forgotten.


Next hurricane I see... Better be in a glass

November 01, 2012  •  Leave a Comment


Twelve long days ago, my husband and I disembarked on our long awaited vacation for the year. A week at sea, three port visits, new and exotic meals to tempt the pallette, room service, and coffee on the balcony of our stateroom as we spent hours listening to the waves watching the hypnotizing blue of the ocean pass us by without a thought. As I was on the balcony watching out first sunrise, words from another balcony drifted towards us, that would forever change the trip we had been looking forward to for months. " There is a tropical storm...." 
That morning was not only the "birthday" of what became Hurricane Sandy, but that was the last time I have seen the sun. After two days at sea, and hearing multiple port visits cancelled, much less nearly all excursions for the port we did actually get to visit, we were destined to spend nearly six days at sea, inside of the wrath of Sandy as she developed. We watched as the tv monitors reported 60 mph winds across the bow of the ship, as we learned to walk with the ships extreme movements as it tried to cross the waves in search of easier seas. There were times where you simply could to escape the screeching high pitched winds. There was not much that wasn't rattling anywhere you walked.  The dining room was not even a pleasant experience when hundreds of plates and thousands of pieces of tableware were rattling in concert  and nearly echoing across the dining room.
Just when we were considering ourselves lucky to be  able to get back to solid ground, disembark and get off the ship roughly twelve hours ahead of scheduled return to port, we were only hours in front of hurricane Sandy knocking at our front door back home, for our personal round two with seeing what type of punch she could deliver. 
The winds the blew threw northern Virginia weren't nearly as bad as those that had just gone through our stateroom while at sea, but they were still unnerving and constant. The sounds weren't as high pitched, which in and of itself was a blessing, but they still held an evil hissing characteristic.  We are firmly in the column of the lucky ones in Viriniga, that only had power flicker, and no tree damage. But living through her winds and rains twice was just more than anyone should have to go through. I know how powerless I as a human being, can be and am. I didn't need such a bold reminder to the fact that the power of nature can and will take charge. And when that happens it will be pointed out that all things created by man, can and will be destroyed in a matter of seconds. Somehow we we lucky enough to observe, albeit it too close for comfort. 
But I have had my fill of hearing about hurricanes or being in close proximity to one. The next one I see or am near, better be poured in a glass and served with an umbrella. 

Improvisation is the key...

September 26, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Last Sunday was absolutely beautiful outside, and true timing  and weather could not have been more perfect for a phenomenal outside photography session. Kristen and her daughter Sydney truly made the most of being outside, in the fresh air, and relaxed atmosphere of Old Town Manassas, here in Virginia.



The blue skies, light breeze, and open park benches made it challenging to remember that we needed to get back inside to the studio for a few formal images as well. One more block on our walk led us pass the cupcake shop on the way back to the truck....and we just couldn't pass up the sweet smell of fresh baked cupcakes pouring out into the sidewalk...Improvisation.... Sometimes that is truly the best reward! 

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