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It's hard to believe that it has been nearly two years, since Heather and Addie stepped in front of my camera lens. I am so excited that they are scheduled for portraits here in the studio in a couple of days. It seems like only yesterday we were out just after sunrise, in the heat of August, working around the wind to capture their first set of portraits. I will be honest though, we were all grateful to get back into the studio where the a/c was cranking that morning!!!!! But seriously, they were phenomenal, and real troopers. Their portraits easily tell the story, without words, about the mother daughter bond these two share. Yep, every family session makes that much of an impact on me, to remember it two years later!!!

I can't wait to see the images that we will capture this week, to help add to Heather's family portraits. These two have very busy lives, so I am excited that we all get to get back together again.








I know that families do their best to make their sports practices, piano recitals, holiday programs, and grandma's birthdays, so we are doing our part to help make sure that all those little moments that add up to a lifetime of memories also get captured along the way just because, and not a decade at a time.  Our lives continue to change as we all grow, making it even more important to have pictures to capture our stories for us. They help us to remember feelings, emotions, and events that are easily forgotten. That makes regular portrait sessions a valuable gift. Imagine being able to have a series of pictures to be able to look at, instead of just from one session, but from five or six. Oh the stories and memories they would all be able to tell!!!!!





While Heather and Addie's timing is perfect for their hectic lives, its also perfect for the studio!!

 This week we are launching our "Once upon a Forever" program. In today's busy world where we live by what our handheld device tells us to do next, time can really slip away!! There are a few families that go years, not only between family portraits, but even between a sit down meal together!!! It's crazy how fast this world spins!!!!! But at least now, your first family session is the last one that you will ever be billed a session fee for. Its time to get back into the habit of getting regular family session. Those little devices in our hands are replaced every couple of years, so don't let those selfies, quick pics, and calendar reminders get recycled too, if that is all you have to recap where your life has flown by. Have professional portraits that are on your walls and in your home withstand the test of time.


Feel free to ask for more information on the "Once upon a FOREVER", program while waiting for Heather and Addie's 2015 family portraits. You can start your own session planning as early as today.

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We are turning... TWO!!! Its hard to believe that the studio is set to celebrate being open for its second year, in just a matter of days!  Where has the time gone? Its been a great couple of years getting to slow down, and get back to simple living in the country, and a small town. This little town helped raise me, and its been a blessing ten-fold to be able to give back through our little portrait studio.

Our special events have had us all over the State of Oklahoma supporting both small and large causes. They have been both rewarding and physically challenging at times, but we always over delivered to every client. Its been great to meet new people while running in to familiar faces! Well, as familiar as " I remember you from 1982" can be.

Senior sessions have simply helped me get into gear, since I opened the studio days after my own son graduated High School. It was a significant milestone for him, as it is for all seniors. I will never forget that his last spring break, was spent on a road trip with me, halfway across the country, to finish his senior pic portfolio on the family farm, as well as to help start remodeling what would be the studio of Sonya Petre Photography only two weeks after he graduated. It was a long hard week, but one we will never forget.

Since then I have had phenomenal High School Seniors step in front of my lens. Each with a passion for living that should be bottled. Looking forward to life, and not wanting to spend another minute waiting. Big dreams of jobs, a few college courses already behind them, scholarships in hand, and another on the way. I try to stay in touch with every one of them, just to hear their stories of what real life is like once they are actually living their dreams. While they may have whined about getting their Senior portraits done early one morning, or late one night, they all end up having the same conversation. Their senior portraits started their life story being documented.

That makes every minute of every consultation worth it.

Chrz FamilyChrz Family
















Looking back it is the family sessions that have never ceased to amaze me. They have really helped me reconnect to my roots. There has been 20 years of renters through my great grandparent's house prior to our taking ownership and permanent residence on the homestead. There hasn't been a month go by, that I haven't had a family session that someone ends up sharing how one of their family members lived for a time, in that little place we now call home. There are countless stories, spanning decades, that come to light when tracing bloodlines back. Even during a simple family session, everyone leaves feeling a little more like family. And that, after all, is what it is all about, and why I have been so driven to move back to Morrison. Family.



















I have so few pictures from just three generations ago. The two I have I hold on to dearly. At least with my Grandparents I have a few more to pass on to my son. They mean so much when telling a story of family. More than any selfie or quick picture on the run every will. These last two are the last I have of even visiting with my Grandpa. Both of them, I nearly missed my flight on, but I wasn't leaving until I had one more picture with him. I don't want others to live on the edge like I have, of missing out on those family portraits for the next generation, and the next. There is a reason I focus on designing sessions from the location up. I want to include the details that mean the most to a family, so their portraits can tell their story. I want details in the portraits to bring even more stories back to mind, that a normal picture can't. That's why I opened the doors of the photography studio, and that is why I came home. And this year, like every year, celebrating that we are exactly where we are supposed to be!!

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Let the Seniors begin


Senior sessions continue through the photo studio this week. I simply can't believe I am working on the next Class of graduates, that are destined to have me crying in May watching them graduate! It's so worth the tears that are guaranteed to flow though!  I absolutely  love my job, and being able to watch the transformation of individuals over this crazy and exciting time of their life. There are a select group of Seniors selected each year, to help out in our little photo studio. I quickly found out that running a photography business  single-handedly isn't for the faint of heart. Due to the amount of volunteering and community service that I am involved with, even in the surrounding towns, its a great opportunity for Seniors! They earn their senior portraits, get some community service under their belt, and have a blast seeing what zany ideas I am going to come up with next! I even try to make the painting, mopping, and even the reflector fun!



Just shy of one year ago today, Kenzee came thru the studio for a full session. Her father was really wanting to get caught up on a few years of missing getting portraits done. (Don't we ALL have that feeling at times?!) We had a blast during her session, even though the summer was warming up on us and tried to bake us once we stepped outside. That didn't stop her from relishing every minute in front of the lens.

During her reveal session, it was discovered that she would soon be a Senior. She was so relaxed in front of the camera, and was so outgoing, I just had to ask... "Would you like to be a Senior Rep for the studio next year"? She studio photo 6247studio photo 6247 couldn't say "yes" fast enough!


Well lo and behold, the calendar called for the Class of 2016 to step in to action, and she was the first in the door here at the studio on Senior Night. Kenzee has already helped with a family session, and shared some ideas to alleviate a little stress off the planning for our annual Downtown Christmas event. This event requires months of design and prep work before Santa drops by to visit. I am lucky to have her helping out so much in the studio this year!



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Senior Buzz

It happens every year. Time flies by, as page after page is pulled off the calendar. Suddenly a group of "kids" graduate in May before our very eyes. Before we know it they are out in the world to making their unique mark on the world. By then its too late to get those Senior Pictures you had been wanting to get on the wall, and in the announcements.


We can't make time stand still, but we can keep the tradition and value of Senior pictures proudly in place. While a lot of Seniors may think "Senior pictures" are  just  another couple of head and should shots, I am here to tell you... Our Seniors LOVE u s!! Why? We don't just pick a day and grab a camera. We help celebrate this special time, by asking what's important in their life!


Already have some senior picture ideas? GREAT!!! Stuck on where to begin? No worries at all. We can start with a few basics, and before long we will have a list of senior picture ideas that will be proud of for decades.  Have a favorite fishing hole? How about a prize winning FFA show animal? From a unique location, family farm, or Grandpa's truck, we strive to DESIGN sessions around the Senior. 

Even if you  are in a hurry, our portrait studio is set to deliver the unique senior photos you are searching for come rain or shine. No plain white backdrops here or allowed in our studio unless you are requesting a passport photo! Studio Rules!



Chrz FamilyChrz Family

We are already scheduling senior photos for the Class of 2016. I simply can't believe that! Where did the Class of 2015 go? 2014? My goodness time is marching on, and I still haven't been able to get through Commencement exercises without crying. I have had some amazing people step in front of my camera lens, but Seniors are by far, my favorite group to capture. Seniors are optimistic and full of energy, ready to try out their ideals and plans on the world. Inevitably there comes a time each year, where the conversation lends itself to the reality of what it is. This is the big step into adulthood, adult responsibilities, and self reliance. I have done several split senior photo sessions, that capture images both at the beginning, and close to the end of the Senior year. It is amazing the difference only a few months can make in their faces! Comparing these images never cease to amaze me, while bringing tears to both moms and dads!

Its time... to pick up that camera, face the fact that this is their time, and its going to be okay when, not if, I cry while watching them cross that stage.





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The summer for family

Family reunions and casual gatherings are usually the highlight of the summer packed with activities. I recall countless summers on the farm with tiring hours spent helping with harvest. Actually when I was too young to ride on the tractor or hang out our truck, affectionately called "big blue", all the way to the mill, I entertained myself at the house in grandma's garden, patiently waiting until she was ready to drive to her sewing shop in the big city of Stillwater. The colors of the garden were magical and hearing her explain each flower and the importance of their colors will never be forgotten. Oh the smiling faces and laughter of long hot summer days. Aunt's, uncles, cousins, and hired hands from OSU would bounce in and out as long as the sun was up.  I learned a lot as those days flew by. I especially recall, in the cool of the evening, various local farmers hung out at Grandpa's tool shed talking crops, equipment, and livestock. Oh how I wish there were more pictures taken from those summer days. So many memories and faces, that I will admit, are fading over the years. I regret that the last several years of my Grandparents were alive, I was on the other side of the world, rarely prioritizing a visit home. My lack of having those family portraits on my own walls, is the passion and fuel for our little studio. I simply can't go back in time to capture those moments. But I can help other families, like yours, take a pause long enough in your busy summer, to capture the family pictures that will be appreciated, for generations.


Family values run deep

If your summer has the extended family coming in to visit, take advantage of the opportunity to capture precious family photos. I mean, how often will you have three and four generations together? Make sure you call our portrait studio as soon as everyone's travel plans are scheduled. We work with you to design a family photo shoot that captures what matters most to your family. Our portrait studio is conveniently located just moments from Stillwater, if you are in search of a studio portrait setting. If your family has a favorite summer hangout, we can easily design your family photo shoot around that location as well, to help these family pictures become even more valuable, and help in recalling special family memories from the landscape.



Even if this year is just you and the kids hanging out at the house, there may come a day where you realize that they are simply growing up entirely too quickly. We can easily design a session with your kids, so you have your family pictures before another year flies by. Lets work to design a session to capture their likes, their interactions, and favorite hobbies at this point of their young lives. This summer is only going to happen once, so lets work together to stop time for a matter of minutes, and capture the memories for you for ever.


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Senior Sensation 2013  

I simply can't believe that another class of Seniors is about to join society as working ( and tax-paying ) adults. I suppose a little of my shock, is due to my son being part of the Class of 2013. We were recently out in Oklahoma, and I couldn't help but grab a couple more images during his last visit out while he is still in school and under the guise of " Spring Break". I am sure he is looking forward to not being in front of my camera while I take tons of photos while using the excuse of "but, its your Senior Year!!" I will wipe away a tear, but I am keeping the grin of being a proud mom. Even though I will be busy with several other Senior Photo Sessions soon, I promise to keep my pride in check as I look back on all the images I captured this year with my own Senior.


Good Luck, Seniors!!!!

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The Irish Abbey

I have recently been pondering the Abbey I was lucky enough to spend time visiting in Ireland a few years back. Could be inspired by the time I’ve spent recently, like countless others, glued to Masterpiece Theater waiting to see what’s next from “Downton Abbey”.

I still remember the hour I spent walking through Quin Abbey,in County Claire, on the drive to Shannon from Dublin. Her walls go back centuries as do the multiple grave markers seen in all directions.




Further investigation revealed the building remnants have seen turmoil for centuries as the sun has risen and set regardless of destruction, fire, or human based hostilities intertwined in generations of private ownership,a monastery and higher education. Oh, as I look back, knowing what I know now, I wish these walls could have talked that day.





All of the buildings were covered in beautiful green ivy seeming to add to the sense that the Abbey was communicating she is a survivor, and still standing. Still supporting life, if only that on a vine.










Some of the building remnants of the castle from years ago, exhibited walls that were several feet thick. This seems shockingly thick and a waste of material according to today’s standards. But we can barely comprehend the living conditions of the time compared to our multitudes of comforts.











Intertwined stone stairways led deceptively to open pits. This could be treacherous if you got lost in thought while meandering thru the natural light coming in  through small openings where windows or even walls once existed. Even empty window frames still have remarkable level of details showing the skilled craftsmanship of the time.








I may never know if Quin Abbey was ever as drama ridden as the Abbey portrayed on TV. But I was lucky enough to visit this one, and am still mesmerized by what is still standing, after nearly a thousand years of cyclical destruction and restoration in its history.

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The Old Mill

Most people will never get a chance to see the roots of America, in the few towns where they still exist. In today’s rushed society, and high-tech world, very few remember that this country’s foundation was built on the back of an agrarian society. The remnants of those little towns are now scattered over what most refer to as fly over states. 


From time to time you can still see the remnants of the old town centers of that lifestyle, the Mill and Grainery.  Sometimes you are lucky enough to still find the buildings in use. Truly a giant symbol that stands on the landscape, and represents a history that should not be forgotten.


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Next hurricane I see... Better be in a glass  

Twelve long days ago, my husband and I disembarked on our long awaited vacation for the year. A week at sea, three port visits, new and exotic meals to tempt the pallette, room service, and coffee on the balcony of our stateroom as we spent hours listening to the waves watching the hypnotizing blue of the ocean pass us by without a thought. As I was on the balcony watching out first sunrise, words from another balcony drifted towards us, that would forever change the trip we had been looking forward to for months. " There is a tropical storm...." 
That morning was not only the "birthday" of what became Hurricane Sandy, but that was the last time I have seen the sun. After two days at sea, and hearing multiple port visits cancelled, much less nearly all excursions for the port we did actually get to visit, we were destined to spend nearly six days at sea, inside of the wrath of Sandy as she developed. We watched as the tv monitors reported 60 mph winds across the bow of the ship, as we learned to walk with the ships extreme movements as it tried to cross the waves in search of easier seas. There were times where you simply could to escape the screeching high pitched winds. There was not much that wasn't rattling anywhere you walked.  The dining room was not even a pleasant experience when hundreds of plates and thousands of pieces of tableware were rattling in concert  and nearly echoing across the dining room.
Just when we were considering ourselves lucky to be  able to get back to solid ground, disembark and get off the ship roughly twelve hours ahead of scheduled return to port, we were only hours in front of hurricane Sandy knocking at our front door back home, for our personal round two with seeing what type of punch she could deliver. 
The winds the blew threw northern Virginia weren't nearly as bad as those that had just gone through our stateroom while at sea, but they were still unnerving and constant. The sounds weren't as high pitched, which in and of itself was a blessing, but they still held an evil hissing characteristic.  We are firmly in the column of the lucky ones in Viriniga, that only had power flicker, and no tree damage. But living through her winds and rains twice was just more than anyone should have to go through. I know how powerless I as a human being, can be and am. I didn't need such a bold reminder to the fact that the power of nature can and will take charge. And when that happens it will be pointed out that all things created by man, can and will be destroyed in a matter of seconds. Somehow we we lucky enough to observe, albeit it too close for comfort. 
But I have had my fill of hearing about hurricanes or being in close proximity to one. The next one I see or am near, better be poured in a glass and served with an umbrella. 
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Improvisation is the key... Last Sunday was absolutely beautiful outside, and true timing  and weather could not have been more perfect for a phenomenal outside photography session. Kristen and her daughter Sydney truly made the most of being outside, in the fresh air, and relaxed atmosphere of Old Town Manassas, here in Virginia.



The blue skies, light breeze, and open park benches made it challenging to remember that we needed to get back inside to the studio for a few formal images as well. One more block on our walk led us pass the cupcake shop on the way back to the truck....and we just couldn't pass up the sweet smell of fresh baked cupcakes pouring out into the sidewalk...Improvisation.... Sometimes that is truly the best reward! 

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Office of the early 20th Century It wasn't very long ago, that this great nation was primarily an agrarian based powerhouse. A lot has changed since then, including what an overwhelming number of us refer to as an "office" as well as the chair where we spend hours of our life, week in and out. Everyone's office view has pros and cons to it I suppose...


But as I ponder what used to be, as captured in these images, and where I sit now, in the concrete jungle of the nation's capital...I just can't help but wonder what the office of the end of the 21st century will look like.





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Not just a Barn As I stand here in my office in Oklahoma, and look up north, just over the hill I see the roof line of a beautiful old barn. It hasn’t been in use for years, but from the construction that remains, this barn shows signs of once being the center of a busy farm operation. Bale storage, manger space, room for a tractor and other big machinery, feeding troughs, and even a pulley system up to the second floor. A barn that was built to serve the needs of the farmer, no matter his needs and season, but that ended up lasting for generations beyond.

If only the boards that remain could tell their story. How well each board was planned for to make sure the barn would be stable under the weight of feed and equipment it would hold. I can almost hear my own Grandfather saying “measure twice, cut once” as I walk around the barn. I have heard many a story from the Old Timers that remain, about all the barns my Grandfather used to help build in the area. If only he was here so I could ask him if this was one.

Now standing idle for years, and falling to the exposure of the outdoor elements this barn too will one day be completely gone.  It will take a few more years, before the structure completely falls, but the time will no doubt come. And unfortunately it is during my generation where fewer and fewer individuals are choosing to stay on the farm. More and more, if lucky enough to be raised outside of a metropolitan area, are being forced to the larger cities to earn a stable living and provide for a family. Farming costs rising, cheaper imports of food, back to back years of drought, make it more than impossible to support a family and life.

To many, they will see a monochromatic image of an old barn. I see so much more, in the wood that remains in this old barn. But I see even more in the fact that barn has been abandoned for years and no longer required to serve its original purpose.

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Forever Fences I caught myself listening to a country song recently, about Ireland. Ireland is very well known for her fences made of stone. Very few who are not Irish, are aware of the fact that going back several decades, a passerby  could tell which family owned the land, simply by the pattern of the stones making up the fence.

I recently visited Mt Vernon here in Northern Virginia, and was intrigued, about George Washington's burning desire to have living fences. Fences that would be similar to thick brush and shrubs, that would replenish and maintain itself naturally. Fence line repair, especially for a plantation the size of Mt Vernon, would have been full time activities, for several individuals.But living fences, once grown, would be extremely beneficial of keeping wildlife and predators out of the gardens and crops. They also add a beauty to the landscape. I wonder if we could be successful with that theory now?

What would it be like to have a fence line that would last for generations to come?  I still remember standing at the top of the hills around the Cliffs of Moher, and being more hypnotized by the fields, than the Cliffs that had all the tourists clicking cameras constantly. These beautiful fence lines were just standing strong in all directions rolling along all the way up to the sea. Countless generations had been served. Of course there wouldn't be much predator protection from most of these fences. But they are still bountiful across the country side.

Rather ironic, knowing that during July, I will be walking the family property searching for damaged areas of fence line, that  is typically made of only  three to four strands of barbed wire. Not much to look at, and requires regular maintenance. Doesn't even do much to keep the cows at bay, as I watched quite a few shrubs become snacks this summer, since the cattle can just lift the bottom line of barbed wire with their thick hides, and keep on munching. Maybe I should stack some stones instead. Cow proof fencing.

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Sunsets from God Sunsets back home, are like a gift from God himself, showing you how colorful the world can still be if you are patient enough to watch. They are almost a beautiful thank you note, for providing a hard day of labor. They don't last long, you have to be waiting for the gift. But God will always deliver.

Can't get sunsets like this here in the city. And city lights... well lets just say, there isn't much inspiration in them, or feeling of reward for a job well done at the end of the day. With all the buildings and flashing lights... one barely notices that the sun even went down.

What a shame....

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Freedom isn't free I recently had one of this moments in life, that make you stop mid step, and question how you got to the exact moment in life where you are physically at when the moment happens.


I had friends in town for the weekend recently, so I took off work for a couple of days to play tourist with them. Since I am addicted to having a camera around my neck and working my camera skills towards the professional level one day soon,  that is not a bad way to spend a few days in the spring in Northern Virginia, if you get up early enough to beat the crowds, of course.


After lunch, a walk thru Arlington National Cemetery was brought up as an option to visit. I had never been, even though my husband is retired Navy, and I am an avid civil war buff and am familiar with the property's history, we still had never visited.  I had seen assorted angles of the layout on the news over the years, so my preconceived notion was a lot of white, identical headstones symmetrically placed.


As we walked in the afternoon sun, I slowly realized that there wasn't "a lot", but a literal sea of headstones, down the rolling green hills, up and across the next. In between the trees, where I thought the property line was, but the rows of white stone just continued. As I walked along, and started reading the stones, there were several that had wives and children buried with those fallen who served their country with pride and honor and gave all. Literally.


I stopped for a moment to catch my breath and grasp what was around me. My life, as crazy and wild as it seems to be.... Is possible only due to the freedoms that this country affords me to have. The freedom to practice my faith, travel freely from place to place and country to country, work in a profession of my choosing, read what I want to read, and even post what I am doing here. The list could go on for pages. But one thing applies to all...


My freedom to do and enjoy everything I have and am, wasn't free.


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Keep sharing thru the years I recently missed an opportunity back in Oklahoma, to sit a spell and visit with some distant relatives who had asked to spread the ashes of a loved one across the property I now affectionately refer to as "Green Acres" and call home when I am not in Virginia. Their recently passed loved one, spent many an hour of his life recalling good memories of times gone by in our Oklahoma home. So much so that he wanted his ashed scattered here. At first I thought this an odd request, but nevertheless, it was honored. Nearly 100 years after this structure's relocation to where it stands now... my husband and I are living with the challenging personality as this home decides to accept us.  Some moments are as funny as the TV show from the 60s, and nearly scripted directly from several episodes. There are other moments, where it seems the house is showing us in her way, that she is tired of protecting my family, and the fourth generation under her rafters is more than she can faithfully serve.

But while there was a solemn mood over the breaking of bread on a sunny afternoon... I missed out on the sharing of decades old photographs that were being passed that afternoon. There were those old roses captured, in black and white, that I was lucky enough to watch budding three weeks ago. Exactly how long ago was the "smokehouse" used as such? I am sure it looked much better 40 years ago than now. When were there truly chickens in the coop and brooder house? Horses were mentioned being there, not far beyond the brooder house... really?! When was that? Oh how many mysteries would be solved by sorting through photographs for an afternoon. I truly regret missing that opportunity. Treasures held onto from a previous generation, yet shared and passed to the next. It a history, a family history that goes beyond the big covered porch and the rose bush.  I may own the home now, as much as she will let me claim at least, but there are very few photographs that exist that would give me more clues to her past, and what secrets her walls hold. I regret that I was not in Oklahoma that afternoon, to sort thru the memories being shared.

But it is a call to arms, to make sure that other folks realize that a few generations down the road from today, deserve to have snapshots of our time to look back on, to see how they got to where they are, and how their family managed to get them on that path. The power of photographs, is even more valuable today, than it was decades and decades ago.

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Simple things

Life can truly run away from us when we aren't looking. Its amazing how many days go by without truly being able to see beauty and color around me.  As crazy as life is now, and as technology takes over our lives, making our days and relationships seemingly sterile, it is more and more important that we take the time to find the beauty that God placed on this earth. Its still here, and we just need to take the time to recognize it. It is what we were put on this earth to appreciate.

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