Sonya Petre Photography | About
I am a native of Stillwater Oklahoma. After 20 years, living on three continents, and chasing a "textbook" IT career, I am coming home to a wonderful husband, and five rescued pets that adopted us for their forever home. Somewhere along the way, and while living in the high speed of Northern Virginia, I realized how much of my life I had missed, and I needed to change gears.

I picked up a camera again while traveling as a road warrior all over the world to bring back colorful images to share with friends and family that only saw me a few days a month due to my job. Photography quickly grew beyond a passion over the last ten years while working in the gray and flat office world of Washington DC.

I have learned, while watching my own life fly by, that the pictures and family portraits I have, are my most treasured possessions. They tell my life's story.

Its the people in our lives that make life worth living. The photos of our life's moments, will one day tell a story to the next generation, so they can understand what is important in life.

Family pictures can be real, and in locations that matter to your family, not the back of a cold studio with everyone forcing a smile. Imagine your family laughing during a pillow fight, or throwing fall leaves in the air, and the camera capturing those moments instead. Pictures that tell the story of your family.

Call or email me. Lets meet for coffee and talk. Together we can capture some great moments and memories of your life today, that you too can keep forever.